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Welcome to my second post in ‘Rebuilding Romania’ series with FC Avrig, in last post I showed you the in’s and out’s and friendlies, in this post I will show you the first 3 months of the league season, I’m really excited to get into this, so let’s do it!


During the first 3 months of this save, I’ve used 3 different formations which may not be a good idea if you think of the familiarity, it will be affected massively, so what I’ve decided to do is that you can vote on a poll on the formation to go ahead with. The 3 formations are:


This formation is a classic 4-3-3 with Standard mentality and Flexible team shape, with no team instructions, this tactic is the one to go for if you are in a spot of trouble, it’s always worth training up! 

This formation is probably my favourite in this year’s game, a 4-3-3 with 2 Mezzala’s in midfield. This time round I’m playing an attacking mentality with a very fluid team shape. With a tone of team instructions. You can read them on the image attached. (This is the formation I’ve used the most.) 


This tactic has proved a limited amount of positive results. Well same with all these tactics really. The mentality is set to control while our team shape is flexible, yet again you can view the team instructions above. 


Games Of The Month:


ACS Industria Galda 1 FC Avrig 0:


I’m really sad I picked this game, this month was poor, all we did was lose. We only had 3 league game this month though! It was a really dull game, nothing went our way. Sadly Ştefan Răcăreanu got injured, he’s going to be out for over 6 months. Andrei Cernea scored on the 40th minute which was the only goal of the game. To say the least they were all over us. Also a fdunny thing was that the attendance was 441, with only 2 away fans!!!



Quick Overview: In a terrible month we only scored 2 goals. We conceded 8 goals with no wins, we found ourselves rock bottom of this division, let’s hope for a better month in August.


FC Avrig 2 ACS Viitorul Ghimbav 0

[Line-Up] [Analysis]


Oh my! After losing against Industria Galda 1-0 we set our focus to ‘destroy’ ACS Viitorul Ghimbav and I think we did that! It was an even game with very few chances for both teams but we broke the deadlock in the 39th minute thanks to Cristian Nicula with a great finish! The 21 year old Adrian Radu then scored on the 48th minute to seal the game for Avrig, this moved us up the league. Really good game!


Quick Overview: In a month again very few good results we got 1 win and that was the only game we scored in that month, we conceded 9 goals in this time, can we have a better time next month?


CS Sănătatea Servicii Publice Cluj 0 FC Avrig 0



Well then, after this terrible month this game has been my highlight, I suppose it isn’t to bad because we got a point. Better than a loss! Sanatatea was all over us. We really deserved to lose that game, we tried our best and we were able to get something out of it. We only had 1 away fan… is that you?


Quick Overview: In a month with very few goals we drew 1 lost 3 and won 0 while we conceded 8 and scored 2! We need to improve during the next transfer window!


League Form:


Well then, let’s just say it hasn’t been the best of times recently, but I believe in this club, we can do stuff here! It may take time but we are good enough to compete! Let’s do this!


Next Time:

Well then, today has come to a close but don’t forget about next Thursday! We will be advancing the next 3 months! Will we do well? The only way to tell is to read the post!

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