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Good evening everyone, I hope you are all doing well! It’s been a few months since my last blog post so I will be reminding you of  what has happened so far and a bit of me, you can read my last blog post here! My name is Sam, I hope you can tell by my name! I’m a 14 year old school student who will be starting GCSE’s next year, I’m the youngest member of the FM Community, I’ve been called the Youth Officer by JaackTheBadger, if you want to address me as that you can. I’m also part founder of the #FMCreatorsCup, which some of the Ninja Cookie team took part in, let’s not talk about me, time to get into the action.


If you can recall back so far, you might remember that our form isn’t too great. In fact heading into this month we’ve only won 1 game out of 11, we needed some wins, luckily we had 4 games to do it, we are currently last in the league so we want to win all our games to try and get higher in the league.


FC Avrig 2 Avantul Reghin 2


This game was one we were really unlucky with, we deserved to win it. with the stats. We outplayed them. We were not able to find the back of the net, sadly they scored with only 3 shots on target. We stay in last though. Avantul Reghin where two goals to the good before we scored 2 great goals thanks to Adrian Radu. Ciuca had a really bad game making a lot of errors. Hopefully he will improve for our next fixture.

Our results during September.

Quick Review: This month wasn’t our best yet again. We had 1 decent game which was



After 11 defeats in a row we really need a win. I can inform you that this month has been our best month this season so far.


FC Unirea Dej 2 FC Avrig 3


YES! We got a win. I feel so happy with this victory, We were on top for the whole game, we had 8 shots more than them. Adrian Radu scored twice in the way to victory. Mădălin Predoiu added to the score-sheet on the 69th minute with a well executed finish into the top corner. Adrian scored on the 21st and 62nd minute. We went behind early on because of a beautiful strike from Marius Feraru on the 5th minute. Adrian scored his first goal with a close range goal beating the defenders. We moved up to 14th with this victory.


Our results during November.

Quick Review: Wow, honestly what a month. Even though we only had 2 games during November we won both of them. we scored 5 goals while conceding 3.



After a great month can we get some more wins to get a mid table finish?


FC Avrig 4 ACS Viitorul Ghimbav 2

[Line-Up]  [Analysis]

Okay, another win! Another great victory from Avrig with us dominating the stats. Ionuţ Milea scored a hat-trick, with 3 outstanding goals. Dumitru Bucur then scored a penalty with the keeper going in the other location. Graţian Smedescu and Darius Ursachi got the goals for the away side who I’m not going to spell out again as that was a pain! FC Avrig produced quality at the highest level today with great team work and vision. Hopefully we will perform like that again!


Our results during December.


Quick Review: Well it was again another weird month. We played really well in the first game but the second game we really didn’t perform well which is sad considering the form we’ve been on.


League Form:

Well it’s been a weird blog post as we’ve had mix form with 3 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses. It’s been the best blog post so far. Do you agree?


Next Time:

Next Saturday we have another installment of Rebuilding Romania, starting 2018 with a bang? Well first we have some non-competitive action as we have a large break. With only 4 league games.


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