Hey guys, I’ve been quieter than id of liked to be this season, something ive not enjoyed as blogging was a fun way for me to look over what ive done so far and plan ahead whereas playing without a blog i just go too fast and always mess up.So my good friend CookieFM did a San Marino save and sadly got sacked for his efforts, it got me thinking, do I attempt the same save and see if i can best him? No thats not how i roll, besides if he got sacked i wont even get the job haha. For me I hate international management, it breaks up the club season and frankly its just a ballache id rather not enter into, however for the save im about to undertake I feel its vital I go international to get the club level rocking.

This wont be a conventional save however, normally id take suggested badges to a club, this time im taking full badges and experience, ive also added our blogging team as backroom staff, Ryan Cook will take the role of Assistant Manager, Law Pargeter has got the Head of Youth Development role and Mikkel Dean has been given the role of Director of Football, none of the above have been given stupid contracts, it will be on me to keep them at the squad, for those that want to take this time to call me a cheat, crack on, the staff have 100 CA, 200 PA and 10 reputation, if this paragraph has you shaking your head, this save is not for you and i recommend you go looking at the Blyth Spartans blog or Cookies new blog whatever he decides on.

The boring stuff out the way, we are at the lowest ranked club in Gibraltar, Hound Dogs, the club has board expectations to finish bottom of the 2nd tier and bookies odds show we are some way behind the other clubs. There is no relegation from this league so job security should be pretty high, in simulations of the save the club has ended the first season in 8th and 9th (last) and job security has still been stable, this should afford me the breathing space to build the club my way and have a transition period in which i can train up the players to roles i want them to play rather than the basic ones they can play.The aim will be to raise the profile of the Gibraltarian league, make european competition group stages and beyond that who knows, i guess first up is becoming a professional team in what is frankly a substandard league, hell we all share the same stadium.

I mention the international job, i have indeed taken the role of the Gibraltarian national team, but it is not my focus, i will hold my hands up and say that national duty will be kind of auto pilot, ive no interest in it really but im hoping it will gain me favour with the players and homegrown talent will want to come and stay at Hound Dogs to be in the national managers eyes.

Reading this back Im sure others will be apprehensive about the save, have i made it too easy? Im not sure, but this year is hard as nails myself ive been sacked in 3 club saves already a new record even for me, I want a long term save that i find fun, if that means ive used an editor to do so great, the IGE is disabled and if anyone wants my editor file to see my edits im happy to make it available.

I hope you come back and are interested, I will be doing season reports as simply dont have the time to do anything more in depth, if the national job changes from, we lost, we lost, we lost, ill add an extra post per season to recap on that but again the focus will be on the club job.