Well this is it. The Money Shot. The save that will see me until FM19 arrives. The aim of it, as you can guess is making a small English team lots of money, to become the richest club in the world. And i believe it will take decades in game to do. As club investment, fan growth, promotions all will have to be done to make it that far. Because this is about the money winning everything is not even the most important part.

So how will I make Blyth Spartans the richest club in the world? Well very good man management, careful planning and a very very tight grip on the finances.

Blyth Spartans currently play in the Vanarama North division (the English league pyramids 6th tier), having being promoted last season. I have chosen this team as I fell in love with them in a previous Football Manager and I have followed them since.


Firstly lets have a look at the club’s finances, and as you can see from the forecast if things don’t change the club is set to spiral into debt and probably administration in the next 10 years. Not what I am aiming for in the slightest. To change this the obvious answer is get as high in the pyramid asap. There I would get better sponsor deals, more t.v. revenue and bigger crowds. But I know I won’t be in the premier league for a good 10 years. The aim in the first season is to minimize the losses, and to achieve the very feasible promotion to the Vanarama National league. 

The fist step in any club if you want to succeed money wise is to look at your team. Look who is good enough and who you want to move on. At this level it is more likely I will release all of the non contract players. These can cost a lot of money and because they are non contract they don’t appear on the wage budget. Those that are contracted the aim is to move them on, even on a free just to remove them from the wage budget.

All players I hope to move on, 4 of which are non contract players

Next is to set up and stick to a wage structure. Although it is a dull thing to think about, it can be extremely helpful too. As it means having only a few players as key players reduces wages, and also stops players complaining about playing time. I aim for 2-3 key players, 5 first team players,  5 rotation players and 9 back up players. That is a squad depth of 22 players, although I often have a little smaller squad.




Player contracts are also very important about this save. Having a wage structure is important for the finances, Then player contracts are important. Many often worry about the wages but in my eyes the add ons are the worst thing, as they can bump up the wage bill a fair bit.

Maguires contract details

As you can see he gets £40 extra on his wages every time he plays a game, although it does not seem much, but that is £1,680 a season.  For my starting 11 my appearance bonuses total £420 a match, and if they all play the 42 matches in a season (I know they wont) will cost the club £17,640. Add on 5 subs that without appearing will cost around £50, or £2,100 a season. That is nearly a extra £20,000 a season! (Not including cup matches) which at this level is a lot of money. That is why as soon as I get to the contract renewals I remove the appearance and unused subs clauses.




No player is bigger then the club. If a offer comes in for a star player comes in for 100%, or more of the players value then they will be sold. Bringing through youth is always a good way to keep the money in. As they don’t cost a penny to buy and they have generally lower wages for a long time.  Another way of improving the squad on the cheap is the use of the loan market. Good level players can be brought in through the system, often without having to pay a penny in wages. Also another way is to offer trials to all the unattached players available, as there should be one or two players who can help you and because they are training with you it is free scouting!!


Unattached players

So now I will start the game. I will update you soon on how the team is doing, transfers and of course the money. Hope to see you soon!