Like many the plan for a long term save started many months ago, I had many ideas but the big desire was to travel, in the last 18 months records have appeared for longest saves and everyone seems to do it with the same club, is it even possible to maintain a save that involves travelling and not being loyal to your current employers? Lets find out shall we!

The Challenge.

We will start the game unemployed, no badges and Sunday League Player experience. But I’m not done there, this is the year where dynamics is going to play a big part of club management, so its only right I have the cohesion of a team of my own to embark on this journey, so here is the plan, Ryan, Mikkel and Law will be joining me too, I can already hear you think “so you are dampening the challenge?” Oh no, all back room staff added will be under the same stats as myself, they will be added to the database however they will not be given a contract, all 3 free agents, it will then be on me to hire them everywhere i go.
The plan is to open no more than 3 nations at a time, starting with a singular home nation as picked by Twitter. Once in a nation the aim will be to win the top league, ideally by bringing a lower league team from the lowest tier but if reputation allows the aim is only to win the top tier league title in each nation. Once the league is won, I will put up a poll with what nation to replace the one we just played on twitter each time.

The Delivery

I’m not sure entirely how i plan to bring the content forward to you, I’ve toyed with the ideas of YouTube and Twitch so maybe over the course of the year you will find links to videos, invites to streams, who knows what tomorrow will bring and thats kind of the fun with this save, I’m not going to know whats coming next as nothing has been decided