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Hello guys. Welcome back for the last and most up to date update of the San Marino club and country Football Manager 2018 career. Elias Gallo will take through the last chapter of his journey. If you missed the last update and want to catch up, you can find it here. If you would like to read from the very first piece, you can also find that here.




Serie D

San Marino Calcio had performed inadequately during the league campaign thus far. Thirteen wins out of Thirty games just isn’t good enough for a club aiming for the top end of the league. Almost a third of the games played have ended up in losses. This is again just not good enough. The main issue has been not finishing teams off, especially teams lower in reputation than San Marino Calcio. Some would say, the squad have been unlucky with injuries and other variable factors. But ultimately, it has been a mix-match of form in the league that has led to this position. P 30 W 13 D 8 L 9 is how the league record reads.


Serie D Cup

The Serie D Cup is a different story from the Serie D campagin for San Marino Calcio. Their form has been above average, without performing spectacularly. The club made it to the Serie D Cup Quarter Finals where they lost to Ciliverghe; who at the time were mid table in another Serie D group. The game ended in a 2-1 defeat and San Marino will feel very unfortunate to be knocked out at this stage.



As stated above, league form has been dire and there are a few individual results to pick out because of that. Losses to Avezzano (3-1, 1-0), Campobasso (3-2), San Nicolo (1-0) and draws Nerostellati Pratola (1-1), Recanatese (1-1), Monticelli (1-1) and L’Aquila Calcio 1927 (1-1) to ultimately sealed San Marino Calcio their poor form. In term of player form, it is much of the same story. A mixed bag of inconsistent performances from first team starters. Best of the bunch would have to be Ryan Laplace; who we mentioned in the last update. Ryan Laplace managed to pick up 8 goals, 14 assists in 32 appearances for the club. His average rating was 7.36, but his form had slipped in recent games only achieving an average rating of 6.70 for his last five games. The worst performer has to be 19-year-old striker Francesco Forciniti. This stemmed from Francesco Forciniti only getting 2 goals, 1 assist from his 14 appearances. His average rating of 6.55 told the story of his season really. In the last 5 games he did pick up an average rating of 7.05, however there were no goals scored.


The Board


As you can imagine after the last update, the board have not been best pleased with recent results or performances at all. Elias Gallo has gone through two separate emergency board meetings on different occasions.


“Welcome Mr Gallo, please take a seat. We are very disappointed in are league position, this must be improved immediately.” “Indeed Sir, I will improve things for sure. But I need one month to make things look better.” “We will give you the one month, but failure to live up to this will result in the termination of your contract with us.” “Understood, I’ll be seeing you.”


“I think you know why we have called you here today Mr Gallo. There’s no need to take a seat, this won’t take long.” “Ok, I know things haven’t quite gone to plan this season. But, I know I can turn it around. What do you want me to do?” “We need you to pick up 11 points from the next 5 games. Otherwise, we will looks elsewhere for management.” “Fair enough, I am confident we will get those points.” “You understand, that failure to get the 11 points will result in the termination of your contract.” “I understand, see you next time.”


Both meetings concluded in the same manner. The first meeting left a sour taste in the mouth of manager Elias Gallo after agreeing to make things look better in a months time. Give him his due, he did. San Marino Calcio climbed up the table to a record 4th place before another slump occurred. The second meeting left Elias with an ultimatum of gaining 11 points from 5 games. These 5 games were against Francavilla Mare (A), Nerostella Pratola (A), Castelfidardo (H), Avezzano (A) and Monticelli (H).


Francavilla Mare 0 – 0 San Marino Calcio

The first of the next 5 crucial games ended in a bore draw. No attacking threat from either side. Players from both sides looked content enough to see out the 0-0 draw. Not the worst of starts to this crucial run of games for manager Elias Gallo. 1 point gained, 10 more to claim.


Nerostella Pratola 1 – 2 San Marino Calcio

The second saw a very nice victory, coming from 1-0 down to win 2-1. A very well worked goal scored by Bianconi put the away side level. The winning goal came from Conti who smashed it in from 30 yards. Nerostella had no time to react to the goal as it was scored in the 89th minute. A great showing of talent and skill in this game. 4 points gained, 7 more to claim.


San Marino Calcio 1 – 0 Castelfidardo

Some would say that the home side will be counting their chickens as luck was on there side. A 1-0 victory thanks to a well worked corner routine; of which Di Maio scored a cracking header. The away team hardly threatened the goal, but San Marino should have finished them off sooner. They could have had a clear 5/6 goals in this game. But, i’m sure they’ll take just the one. 7 points gained, 4 more to claim.


Avezzano 1 – 0 San Marino Calcio

A really good game for the neutrals. The attacking content in this game was superb. Both teams from the off; going at it. The home side turned out winners after their 7th minute goal. After that, the away side were constantly attacking but their shot and pass accuracy was so poor most attacks broke down prematurely.


Thus leaving the San Marino board with no other option than to sack Elias Gallo. Unfortunately for him, he had not gained the specified points total after only managing 7 points in 4 games. He may well look back at the 0-0 draw against Francavilla and only wonder, what if things had been different. The manager packed his possessions and said his goodbyes to the squad and management. He has garnered quite the reputation amongst the players, but it wasn’t to be.


Unfortunately, this particular blog has come to a premature and abrupt end. I do have a few blogging options in the pipeline, which will be made public soon. If you have enjoyed this blog please leave a like and comment. Thank you for reading. Stay in touch through Twitter and don’t forget to look out for my Youtube series. See you next time.