FC Avrig is a team one of my neighbor’s support very proudly, I know quite a bit about them due to them. They speak to us every Monday about the results for this team. Before they moved to England earlier this year, the young boy used to play for the U10’s where he bagged 25 goals the most in a season for them, In that same season he also bagged U10’s Player of the year for his league, which is rather impressive, he’s an incredibly good striker and if he was to say in Romania he could have become a regular in their starting XI, so my intention is to bring this team success, but this will take a lot of hard work due to the media expectations for this season.


The Database:

I have to load up a database to play with this team due to the league that FC Avrig is in, they are in Group 5 of the Romanian 3rd division, I have decided to only load up the Romanian leagues to keep the game speed good enough to play, I did a brief trial run with other leagues loaded and it took a long time to advance days.


FC Avrig: The Club:


FC Avrig is relatively new to the beautiful game only being founded in 2014 and they are a semi-professional club playing in the Romania Third League Group 5. This is the first time they have been in this division. Having been promoted from the Liga a IV-a Senior, in 28 games they got 79 points, 1 off 1st that was ACS Paltinis Rasinari.  Now I’m faced with the challenge of building a team able to compete at the top end of Division 3. I believe that we can go up within the next 2 seasons.


Youth Development:

Most of the team came through the youth academy, we therefore have an unexperienced squad, but I feel it could work if we try our best to improve them over the course of Season 1. This could be a massive factor in helping us to promotion.



FC Avrig plays their home game at Central which has a capacity of 600 all-seater. The club also has Below average training & youth facilities with Basic corporate facilities. We have Average junior coaching and Basic youth recruitment which will be improved during our reign at the club. We don’t currently own the stadium. The council does so it will be harder to increase the capacity unless we buy the stadium which I can confirm won’t happen for a long time. Unfortunately, we currently have no Affiliates to share their facilities with, but I’m hoping to soon!



After being founded in 2014 they have only got 1 promotion after finishing 2nd in the Liga a IV-a Senior. This granted them a spot in Division 3 for this season. Which was also their highest league position they’ve been able to achieve. The highest scorer is a striker who comes by the name of Iacob Raiciu, last season he grabbed 25 goals! FC Avrig has not won a continental competition yet. They also haven’t won the Romanian cup yet.



With this team being Semi-Professional puts us in a difficult position. Some of our players have part time contracts which means they can be poked by other teams without us getting any profit out of it, meanwhile some players are on full time contracts which means teams will need to pay us to get the players, with the amount we have I really don’t fancy selling anyone right now, we need to get a few more players in before the start of the season. Unfortunately, at the end of the season we are expected to be in debt, to be precise, £54.99k. This is no surprise though, we have no tv income and no prize money.  We also have no sponsors, so this will become harder to get the income we require to stay in the green. We have no transfer budget, but we have a wage budget of £3.06k p/w.



We are currently struggling in this area due to the fact that most of our players are not in the game, but they can play, so this means only 5 players are on the Hierarchy section with 2 of the 5 supporting me and 0 opposing. Meanwhile in our Social Groups we have 2 in the core and 3 in other. We hope to get players in to improve this and get some team leaders and we don’t even have any highly influential players.



To begin with I will set my assistant manger to do the training since I don’t understand it, during this time I will be watching a lot of videos and blog posts about how to do the training, I will still be giving you updates about how this is going during the season.




We have a small coaching team at the start, which is no real surprise with only 1 other member being the assistant manager, being Nicolae Ilinca a 31-year-old Romanian. He works well with youngsters which is a big positive because I love bringing youth players to the starting team, I will be doing this as much as possible during the transfer windows throughout this save. I will also be looking for more coaching staff during preseason.


After my first look at the recruitment team, I saw that we need to improve a lot in this area, we only have a chief scout, which is not good enough, I will be looking to bring in more in this area, our chief scout is called Dan Hanea, has a 36-year-old Romanian, he’s a regen in the game. His best stat is adaptability being 13. We could improve our scouting team massively and make it a big success in this league.


The third department I’m looking at is the medical team, they will need some investing upon during the season and I will be doing that, the new staff members will be shown during my pre-season post. I only have 1 member in this team, being my head physio, his name is Lucian Vătavu, he’s the youngest member of the staff only being 27, he’s Romanian with his best stat being Adaptability, that’s 12, the only issue that he’s really not good enough, a physio doesn’t’t need good adaptability, just good physiotherapy and sports science which this lad is really lacking in all areas, I will be improving this area and he will definitely be leaving the team when we have a replacement.


I can’t really talk about it that much for many points, they are all people with no details. But what I can say is that the 5 players I can see their ability and potential the best player currently is Anton Ilie he’s a 37-year-old Romanian, I’m not sure how many years he has left in his boots, but let’s hope he stays for a bit longer! We also have a exciting prospect for the future being Ciprian Natea, the 21-year-old has a 5-star potential his best stat currently is his Natural Fitness and Decisions both on 13. This player is one to keep!


Next Time:

In the next blog post I will be showing you around my decided formation, new signings and pre-season friendlies. I will probably have a post once a week the updates will roughly be 3 months apart and I will be selecting my top 5 games to tell you about.  If this is to change I will tell you either on twitter or on the blog post before.


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