Koninklijke HFC: Oldest club in Dutch history

Welcome to my first Blog and its all about bringing the oldest football club in Holland from Dutch Tweede Divisie, third tier of Dutch football back to the top flight Eredivisie and challenging the likes of Ajax, PSV for major honours.

In this first instalment we will look at the club’s history, look at the club in Football Manager and what my plan is going forward within my first season in charge. 


History of the football Club

Koninklijke HFC (Royal Haarlemsche Football Club) is a football club in Haarlem, Netherlands. It is the oldest club in Dutch history, founded by 14-year-old Pim Mulier in 1879. During the early years the only team played rugby, but due to financial problems they switched to football. The first official football match in the Netherlands was played in 1886 between HFC and Amsterdam Sport.

In 1899 they moved from their home ground “De Koekamp” to the “Spanjaardslaan” where until today they still play their matches.

In the past HFC contributed several players to the Netherlands national football team. Of those players goalkeeper Gejus van der Meulen obtained the most caps, 54.

Before the Dutch championship was officially established HFC won three national titles:

  • 1889-1890
  • 1892-1893
  • 1894-1895

Three times in the club’s history they won the KNVB Cup:

  • 1904
  • 1913
  • 1915

In the cup competition of 1903-1904; HFC beat VVV 25-0, still a record in Dutch cup competition.


Koninklijke HFC on FM

Koninklijke are a Semi-Professional football club with one star reputation as all playing staff are on Amateur contracts and also have no coaching or scouting staff on the books.


Board expectations are to avoid relegation which I’m hoping we can do. We are predicted to finish 15th out of 18 teams.


Finances are looking ok with 59K in the bank and projection is to finish the season in the Red.




We need to go into the market to find young talent and see if any of the players we have at the moment can be put onto a part time contract as we do have a wage budget of 4.8k and at the moment we are not spending a penny.

We will also need to look at the free market by getting players in on trial for 2 weeks at a time so we can evaluate them until we get scouting staff in place and fingers crossed we unearth a gem.

see below my current crop of players:

I will be looking at putting together a 23 man squad, which will consist of  2 players for each position and 3 GK’s. 



Staff Recruitment

So my plans are to bring in staff to the club, then review playing staff and get scouts out there so I can have a decent 23 man squad going into the new season.

Staff we need to bring in:

  • Assistant Coach
  • First team coach x2
  • Goalkeeper Coach
  • Head of Youth development
  • Chief Scout
  • Scout
  • Physio
  • Sports Scientist

Then we need to look at staff for reserves team and youth teams but this all depends on what budget we have left.

Squad Dynamics

Currently none of the first team are unhappy so the dressing room atmosphere is good, unfortunately match cohesion is not so good so i will be addressing this with training focusing on match cohesion and match preparation as teamwork.


I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of my new blog, #2 will be giving you an update of preseason and how we have got on with recruitment showing key players for the forthcoming season.