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Welcome to my second post in ‘Rebuilding Romania’ series with FC Avrig, in last post I showed you the background of the club including things such as the finances, the staff and the squad, you can view the post here > http://ninjacookiefm.co.uk/start-rebuilding-romania, in this post I will show you the in’s and out’s, my top 2 games of preseason and my tactic I have chosen to go forward with.



During the transfer window so far (It is still open) I have signed a lot of players due to the lack of them, I haven’t sold anyone for the same reason, everyone I sign is crucial at this stage of time, so let’s take you through them:


Ştefan Răcăreanu is a 26-year-old left back who came in for 1k from ACS Şirineasa unfortunately he is injured for 5 to 8 months.

Bogdan Ciucă is a 20-year-old left back who came in for 1.7k from CS Atletic Bradu II.

Mădălin Predoiu is a 29-year-old striker who came in on a free transfer.

Dumitru Bucur is a 29-year-old right back that can also play left back if needed he came in on a free transfer.

Daniel Ciobanu is a 20-year-old central defender, he came in for 1.7k from CSM Lugoj.

Sergiu Şoş is a 28-year-old Central defender who came in on a free transfer.

Octavian Marinescu is a 34-year-old Center mid that arrived on a free transfer.

Gabriel Bergheaua is a 20-year-old CM who was signed on a free transfer.

Ionuţ Milea is a 26-year-old striker that was signed for £210 from CSM Focşani 2007.

Nicolae Popa is an 18-year-old Defender, he joined on a free transfer.

The Staff

We’ve replaced our whole backroom staff. Here I will show you all our new faces.


I’m really excited with our coaching staff, we have one of the best coaching team’s in the league and with this comes some responsibility to me to try to prove that we are a team that shouldn’t be messed around with. 


Like I said with the coaching, this is one of the best in the league, physiotherapy needs improving, this will probably happen next season, if I don’t get sacked that is, in the other had our Sports Science is the best in the league so do I want to get new medical staff for next season? I’ll put a vote up on twitter for you to vote on.


I’m so proud to have made this scouting team, we have created in my opinion one of the best in Romania’s 3rd division(s) I think till we move up this scouting team will stay. We are getting great scouting reports, we may have some more signings coming in on the next post.



We’ve had a poor pre season to say the least, but I need to pick 2 to talk to you about, I tried 1 formation during the pre-season the both didn’t really work out very well. Here they are:

FC Avrig 0-3 CSM Şcolar Reşiţa

{Teams} {Analysis}

I know the 4-3-3 quite well, I use that tactic in all my saves and it normally works, but it didn’t work, we seemed to have lost 3-0, they dominated in all areas we had 6 shots with only 1 on target, really poor from us. It needs to change

We kept the ball out of our net for 30 minutes until Cristian Costin scored with a well worked goal on his birthday! (We did it on purpose) Răzvan Dulap then scored on the 44 minute, it’s was an amazing half volley into the back of the net, it’s surely the best goal of pre-season! Souleymane Keita then scored on the 46 minute to seal the game, it was some great build up to the goal!


FC Avrig 2-1 CS Sănătatea Servicii Publice Cluj

{Teams} {Analysis}

After our last game, that we lost against CSM Scolar Resita I decided to go more attacking, overload to be fair, and it worked, we won 2-1! This gave us confidence heading into our next fixture.

We dominated in all areas on the day it came across on the score line. At half time we were 1-0 down, I was aggressive and said something like “Yo need to step up your game in order to play day in day out” obviously it wasn’t in those exact words, we really turned on during the second half with both our goals coming from Adrian Radu to secure our only win during pre-season

Our results during pre season


Next Time

In the next post I will show you our first 3 months, new signings (if we have any) and any other crucial information. It will be released on Thursday 11th January at 5pm!


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