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Welcome to the next part in my “Local to Legend” series with Christchurch FC. In the earlier post I looked at how things were going midway through our first season in the Southern Premier League.

If you missed that catch up here.

If you have just started following the series, you can catch up from episode #1 here.

In this part, I will be reviewing our fourth season as a whole and seeing how tier 7 of English football has treated us.



Yes, it’s that time again. End of season awards time. Yet again, we have the 5 categories:
  • Fans player of the season
  • Goal of the season
  • Signing of the season
  • Young player of the season
  • Newgen of the season
As you probably remember from last season McGee walked away with pretty much every award as per every season. Will it be the same this season?

Fans’ Player of the Season

Robbie Burroughs, our young central midfielder who we signed this season on a free transfer from West Brom. A player who has also started the most games for us this season (45). A total of 48 appearances scoring 5 goals, assisting 12, 7 player of the match awards and an average rating of 7.33 puts Burroughs at the top of my list for player of the season. I totally agree with the fans he has been a solid player for us this season.   

Goal of the Season

In a season where George McGee has under-performed he still manages to grab an award. He does claim goal of the season in a 4-2 loss against St Neots Town in the Southern Premier League. McGee latches onto a long ball clearance and creates a magnificent solo effort to beat 2 defenders and score past the goalkeeper in the bottom right hand corner. Well deserved.

Signing of the Season

New signing Paul Tyson, our 24-year-old goalkeeper we bought on a free transfer from Bedfont Sports. Tyson has done rather well since coming into the side after Tibbetts left for a brighter future. Tyson has played in 14 games conceding 23 goals which is an average 1.7 goals conceded per game. However, 4 clean sheets and an average rating of 6.74 puts the goalkeeper has our best this season.

Young Player of the Season

Robbie Burroughs has not only claimed one award but two. What a season for the lad. I don’t think there was any other young player that played as consistently well as Burroughs has. Ray Parsons was the closest young player to matching Burroughs and he was a way off. Hopefully Burroughs can continue to perform and secure a permanent place in the first team for the next few seasons.

Newgen of the Season

Unfortunately, we don’t have a newgen of the season as our youth intake last season was so rubbish none of them made it into the first team. Hopefully this isn’t a recurring effect on the club.


As we talked about in the last post, we crashed out of all the domestic cup competitions pretty early. A disappointing domestic cup run across all three competitions it has to be said. Enough of that, lets move on to the league. 

Southern Premier League

As you remember from the last post at the halfway point of 23 games we sat in 15th place in the league. I’m pleased to say we haven’t moved from that place as we finish the league campaign in 15th position. I feel very fortunate to have finished there. It’s clear to see that the first half of our season was better than the latter. We won a total of 10 leagues games in the first half, but in the second half of the season we won only 8 games. So, in terms of games won we had a more successful first half of the season. This is something that I need to improve on as my second half of the season form always drops off, although I think the in-game AI learn your tactics and what not as the season progresses. But, I am definitely looking to improve on our solid 15th place finish next season. [schedule]

The Board Room

The board however are in ecstatic form that we have survived and stayed in the Southern Premier League for a second season. They echo my feelings in our cup form this season as it was a major disappointment especially in the FA Cup. The board and I expect better next season on all fronts where I’m concerned.


Our squad has been one of the most used in the league. We have used a total of 32 different players this season. This shows that we have switched players in and out a lot this season. That could be why we haven’t progressed into the top half of the league. 

Key Performers

Chris Assombalonga, our main striker this year and one that has taken over George McGee’s mantle this season. A total of 47 appearances, 35 goals, 14 assists, 4 POM and an average rating of 7.32 backs up why Assombalonga is one of our key performers and top of my list. Although at 30 years old the only way is down for him I feel.


Robbie Burroughs, the double award-winning central midfielder takes the second spot in this list of key performers. He has had a sensational season for a 19-year-old. He hasn’t provided very much in terms of goals and assists, 5 and 12 respectively. However, his passing statistics for this level are amazing. A total of 2,103 passes completed of that 123 key passes and a pass completion percentage of 66%.


George McGee, once again makes the list for the fourth consecutive season. Not one of his best seasons despite scoring 27 goals, assisting 5 goals and getting an average rating of 7.17 in 43 appearances.


The High, Wide and Handsome

These “High, Wide and Handsome” players will be those that could have performed better and those that just haven’t turned up.
Callum Wilson, first on the list was our main right-sided full back this season. Playing well over 30 games, grabbing 3 assists and performing at an average rating of 6.65. There was so much promise with this lad prior to the season, now I release it was false hope.
Danny Burns, joins Wilson on the list as he just hasn’t performed well enough this season. I felt like he just could have given more at every opportunity.
Caden Genovesi, props up the 3 worst performers this season. The left-sided full back just couldn’t get going this season. A total of 16 games started gave him plenty of chances to perform. But an average rating of 6.57 shows just how badly he played this season. 

Future Plans

My plans for this squad is to try to re-assess who is going to go and stay. It’s most likely the 3 “High, Wide and Handsome” players are going to be released or sold off in the off-season. I’m also going to cut down on unneeded players as the finances are being stretched very thin. The same can be said for the staff as well. But in simple terms I need a squad capable of pushing this club into the promotion places, so that is my aim.

Youth Intake

Our youth intake wasn’t as bad as last season but it still didn’t produce any players worth mentioning specifically. Danny Brooks looks like he’s got the best star rating out of the 5 that signed with us.

A Final Word…

The next time I load up the “Local to Legend” football manager save. I’ll be re-assessing the squad, processing through the off-season and battling my way through preseason. I am expecting another tough battle next season mainly due to our club reputation. However, I do expect us to perform better in the cups next season. In the league we will struggle to beat the “big” teams, but I am expecting to finish anywhere from 20th – 10th. Quite the range I know but alot can happen until then. Like I’ve stated before it all depends on what calibre of players we can bring into the club.

From the next installment I be posting season reviews due to personal circumstances. So, in part #13 I’ll be covering our second season in the Southern Premier League as well as improving on our woeful domestic cup form.

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