Welcome people, this is the first of many league updates that will be completed. So, what have I actually done in this update?


The Changes

First off, I have added the Serie D league into the Italian league system as playable. This means you will be able to select any team in Serie D to play as on Football Manager 2018. Now I do not have a lot of knowledge of the Italian league system so through Football Manager research I tried relate this Football Manager Serie D as closely as possible to the real life one. There is one exception due to the inability to edit Serie C I could not add a promotion playoff as well as Serie D winners gaining promotion. So, instead there will only be one promotion place for each group. The team who finish in first place will gain promotion – no playoffs. Also there is one Serie D Cup which I have added. It is a simple and straightforward knockout tournament. The prize money for this competition is considered fair because it is scaled down from the Serie C Cup.



It is very difficult to get the finances of a new league spot on especially as there is no real accessible data to go by. That being said I have worked out the tv revenue for each club in Serie D as well as league prize money. TV revenue was worked out at £200,000 per annum for each club which is £160,000 less than Serie C. I think that the gap in tv revenue is fair considering the league drop. Prize money was relatively easy to sort out considering Serie C winners get £134,000. I feel that £100,000 is a fair amount for the winners of Serie D to claim with that being scaled down for the top four places in each group.



In Italy there seem to be a few league sorting and squad registration rules which have been applied to Serie D. In the league if you are equal on point with another team you will be sorted by the following:

– Goal difference

– Goals scored

– Goals against

– Games won

– Games lost

– Away games won

– Home games lost

Generally could get confusing once you are in the save using this update or you might do what i’m going to do and hope your never equal on points with anyone. The other rule mentioned was the squad registration which is highly complex for a lower division. In this league you will have to abide by these registration rules:

– Maximum of 18 over 22 years old players

– Minimum of 1 player trained by club for 3 years between the ages of 0-21



In summary, one team gains promotion to Serie C making Serie D very difficult indeed. TV revenue and prize money for the league are sensible and fair in my opinion. The squad registration rules make it slightly harder to assemble the perfect promotion winning team, but adds to the realism of Italy’s Serie D. I hope you guys have enjoyed this read and continue to enjoy this particular league update. Any issues let me know on twitter https://twitter.com/CookiesFM