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If your new to my football manager content, welcome! What you’ll get here is regular content at least once per week. The main football manager save I’m blogging is my Local to Legend save with Christchurch FC. A quick thank you to everyone who voted in the twitter poll and the random Danish bloke who got the last vote in at 00:00 (+7). It took 7 minutes added on time to get there, but we did. Yes, we will be managing Girona FC in La Liga. I have split the aims of this save into short-term, long-term and future aims.


Short-Term Aims

  • Establish Girona FC as a consistent La Liga side.
  • Push Girona FC into European football contention.


Long-Term Aims

  • Establish Girona FC as a European side (Champions League/Europa League).
  • Start to develop homegrown players for the first team from the academy.
  • Start to move away from relying on loan players from affiliate clubs.


Future Aims

  • Challenge for the La Liga title.
  • Win the Copa Del Rey
  • Start to become the main team in regards to affiliations.
  • Establish a number of homegrown players in the first team.


I haven’t set a time limit on the aims as timescales don’t always work out the way you think. As mentioned before, there will be a twist with this save on football manager. I will be trying to rely solely on homegrown players. Now, obviously being Girona FC; this will be difficult to implement from the off and it would be naïve to do so. This will happen gradually throughout the save. I will be posting season reviews for this save. I am super pumped for it and can’t wait to get cracking!


Who The Hell Are Girona FC?

Girona FC are a Spanish football club founded in 1930. They play in La Liga the top of Spanish football after being promoted into the division for the first time in their history. Girona FC hold their home games at the Estadi Montilivi, which has a 13,500 capacity.

Girona FC don’t have a rich history by any means. They’ve spent most of their 88 year history in the lower regions of Spanish football. However recently they have performed miracles by defeating Real Madrid 2-1 in the 2017/2018 season. They also beat Villarreal 2-0 in the same season. As well as beating those teams they have risen to a massive 7th in the league after 27 matches. A huge accomplishment for such a little team. Can we do the same?


The Link With Manchester City

It has been well documented that Girona FC’s recent rise from the Spanish Segunda Division was greatly helped by the affiliation with Manchester City.

This all came about around two seasons ago when Pep Guardiola’s brother Pere bought a stake in Girona FC around early 2015. This was a key moment which aided Manchester City in signing Pep Guardiola as manager. Manchester City saw that as the perfect opportunity to get close to Pere and convince him to persuade Pep that he should manage Manchester City. In a way Girona FC helped Manchester City achieve their goal of getting Pep Guardiola as manager. In return Manchester City have invested time, money and players into Girona FC to get them where they are today.

What does this mean for Girona FC going forward? Well, for a start over 88% of Girona FC is owned by Manchester City and a consortium group lead by Pere Guardiola. UEFA do have regulations in place that one person/entity cannot influence more than one UEFA participating club. UEFA have however not found any breakages in this football law. It will be interesting to see once Girona FC make it into a European competition whether that law remains intact.

Will Manchester City have an ever lasting influence on Girona FC, can Girona FC ever break free from the chains?


A First Look at Girona FC on Football Manager

Welcome into the Spanish frame, Cookie FM! That’s right, we have taken on the task of guiding a Girona FC side to the top of the world! Where we will hopefully be held as one of the best, much like Manchester United of 1999, the 2000’s Barcelona side or even the World Cup winning England squad in 1966 (Just a few of examples, we could go on all day). It will be a tough task for sure, they’re currently favourites to be relegated. But, they do have a bright future as we touched on earlier.



Transfer Activity

The current transfer activity is an interesting read. Four players on loan from Manchester City alone, with a further four players on loan as well. We have four players away on loan too! Jesus, what is it with the number 4 showing up! In addition to that, Farid Boulaya is set to leave the club on 01/07/2018 to Metz FC of France. Also stated earlier, it will be extremely difficult and naïve not to make use of the Manchester City affiliation in the beginning. It’ll be one of our only options as a club to bring in quality players good enough to keep us in the division.



The Club

Girona FC itself are a relatively small side in terms of Spanish football. The only honours they’ve accomplished being that of Spanish lower league titles like the Segunda Division B3 title. On an aesthetic note, the kits Girona FC wear are bloody beautiful! A very nice red and white Southampton-esk look for the home kit. The away kit sees a compilation of blue that will make Lisa Ann proud. The third kit is an astounding yellow hooped kit, worthy of an intern’s appaluse. As you can tell I love kits on football manager. Ha! Turning our attention to Girona FC’s facilities. They have some good training facilities, below average youth facilities and a 13,500 capacity stadium in Estadi Montilivi. The club is only worth an estimated £26.37 million which is a staggeringly low amount in comparison. We will come onto their financial state a bit later. They enjoy local rivalries with Espanyol, Gimnastic and Barcelona. I don’t see us winning many of the Barcelona derby games any time soon. 




As mentioned quite prolifically earlier, Manchester City our the main affiliation to Girona FC. Details of what that means in football manager is:

  • Manchester City are no obligation to pay an annual fee to Girona FC.
  • Girona FC will host an annual friendly.
  • Both clubs share scouting knowledge.
  • Manchester City can send loan players to Girona FC.

The latter will be key for helping us grow as a team and a club. I am hoping that in the long-term we will eventually be able to escape the shadow of Manchester City. However, until that point I intend to utilise the affiliation to its fullest potential. 



The Backroom Staff

A quick look at the backroom staff, without going into too much detail. My plan for the staffing of Girona FC is to have only Spanish coaches employed, which will help us on our way to becoming a fully homegrown club.


Coaching Staff

  • Assistant Manager
  • Fitness Coach
  • Goalkeeping Coach
  • Head of Youth Development


Recruitment Staff

  • Director of Football
  • Chief Scout
  • Scouts (3)


Medical Staff

  • Head Physio
  • Chief Doctor
  • Physios (2)


I will be looking to expand the backroom staff by adding another fitness coach, two goalkeeping coaches, data analysts and sport scientists. The latter were pretty ineffective in the last football manager, but in this one I find them quite useful! I will also be looking to add staff to my U19s side and Girona B team; who play in the Segunda B3 Division.



The First Team

A quick look at the first team on the first day of management at Girona FC. I have established that depending on the player’s potential a 3.5 star rating is a decent player for our division in La Liga. So, based on the players you can currently see. We should be expecting a relegation battle. Our top players based on star ratings from our assistant manager are Douglas Luiz, Portu and Marc Muniesa. Of those 3 players, two are on loan. This is the issue we will face in the short-term at Girona FC. Two other players on loan which are, our most talented hot prospects are Pablo Maffeo and Alex Garcia. I will be looking to offload some players that I consider not good enough for this division in Yassine Bounou, Eloi Amagat, Pedro Alcala and Aday. I haven’t garnered a shortlist of players I would like to add to the team but that will be something I’ll do very soon.




As mentioned earlier, we are going to have a sneaky peak at the club’s finances. Currently, Girona FC have £5.28 million in the bank. The club is projected to finish with £9.9 million in the bank, making a profit of £6.97 million this coming season. Also within two years the club are expected to have a total of £16.73 million in the bank. Although, I do have to say that this isn’t gospel and the projections change like Arsenal’s # trends. However, depending on how successful as a manager we are. Competition prize money could be key to maintaining a steady ship in terms of finances.



Next Time on Girona to Greatness

I will be taking you through our first season in charge as Girona FC manager. What players have we bought in? Are they loans from Manchester City? Have we kept to the homegrown policy put in place by myself? Did we make it past Girona FC’s record “Round of 32” in the Copa Del Ray? How did we do in the league? Did we survive relegation? All will be revealed next time.

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