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Hello, welcome back to Romania the home of FC Avrig. In todays post I will take you through January, February and March! 3 months of action with only 4 league games. If you missed the last post you can read it here. Lets get into the action!



FC Avrig 4 ASC KSE Târgu Secuiesc 2

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So during this winter friendly we performed really well they are in the Romanian Third League Group 1 the same division than us but a different group (yikes, this league confuses me) they currently sit second in their division which makes the victory just a slightly more sweeter. Adrian Radu scored a goal only 1 minute in! Ionuţ Milea then scored only four minutes later in what was an amazing 10 minutes for the club. Alin Pădurariu then scored for the away team with a great finish into the bottom corner. Andrei Şeran then scored to make the game level. Radu then got his second of the game to get us back in front and it ended nicely from a corner that the opposition scored an own goal! Great game! 


Our results during January.

Quick Review: Only 2 games this month with non of them being competitive. Both of these results I’m happy about because we put up a solid fight against both of them! Which makes me rather proud.


FC Avrig 2 FC Unirea 1924 Alba Iulia 2

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Before we get into the game its self can I mention how hard it is to write these clubs names. That’s why I like England so much, anyway let’s get into the game! It was a close affair as you can see with the result. Ionuţ Milea scored early on with a well struck goal but then the away team grabbed two goals just before half time which really put us in a bad position and really changed my mind on the team talk at half time. During the second half we tried and tried and tried to get the all important goal but it just wasn’t coming until the 90th minute where Adrian Radu got us a point and what a point that was too!


Our results during February.

Quick Review: With only 2 league games we picked up 2 points which in theory could have been a lot worse. We also had 2 friendlies that both ended in a draw. Very boring month for us.


FC CFR 1907 Cluj II 1 FC Avrig 0 

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In the Urban dictionary terrible means “extremely bad or serious.” I really think this was a terrible performance!

I don’t think we even played football out there, I have no words to describe what happened. It’s 100% the worst performance I’ve seen this season. Emmanuel Culio opened the scoring from the penalty spot. Ştefan Răcăreanu then picked up a red card in the 83rd minute. That’s all I can say about the game, we got out played and we need to deal with it.


Our results during March.

Quick Review: TERRIBLE! We did not play well at all hopefully we can perform better during April!


Next Time:

In the next installment of ‘Rebuilding Romania’ we will take you through the final 3 months of the season in what will be a difficult time.


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