Round 1

A different type of blog series this time as I compete in the FM Creators Cup. The nature of this competition will obviously decide how long this blog series lasts. I’m hoping to go far, although there are a number of tough opponents competing for the same prize. It’s something I’ll definitely enjoy, whether or not it lasts.

In the opening round, I was matched up against a cracker of a player; Segundo Volante. A football manager player who practices his trade in South America and has an interesting, unorthodox method of managing. It will definitely be a good matchup that’s for sure. A fixture I am looking forward too.

An insight

The way I’m going to approach this game and the rest of the tournament will be very similar to how I like to play in football manager. So, if you read my blogs, watch my streams or YouTube videos you may have the upper hand on me. Saying that, I’m trying out a brand new tactic; which I’m not going to reveal on here.

For what players I’m going to try and select, well… it will be a mix that’s for sure. I don’t want to go mad with picking players valued at £80m+ and then leave myself short on the subs bench. I am a firm believer in winning games from the bench. I have worked out that £500m (which is the budget) can be split equally across 18 players to about £30m on each player. So, that’ll be my most likely approach.

How it’s all going to work

The tournament wouldn’t be possible without Jackthebadger & Sammydodafm and the #FMCreators discord group, make sure you give them a follow and join the discord.

So, how is it going to work? The home manager will host the draft game and select a £500m budget, World pool of players, 1 or 2 minute draft pick round time depending on latency and then invite the opponent to the game. Players then take turns to pick the players they want in their 18 man squad. Once all players are selected its time for the managers to set their teams up and assign a tactic. As you can guess. Once that’s all done, its MATCHDAY!

Segundo Volante Vs Cookie FM

The matchup between Segundo Volante and I would have been an absolute cracker I am sure. Unfortunately, due to network and connection issues he decided to pull out of the competition. This did give me a bye into the next round. I am obvious happy about progressing, but currently I feel I don’t deserve a place in round 2 of the FM Creators Cup. It has to be said that Segundo Volante has been class throughout. Make sure you follow him on twitter.

However, we did get some fantasy draft action in thanks to The Incredible Moo. We competed in a best out of 3 friendly fantasy draft matches. The Incredible Moo was also in the draw for round 2 of the FM Creators Cup after beating IronsFM 2-1 in his round 1 match.

The Incredible Moo Vs Cookie FM

We both agreed to use the FM Creators Cup rules and format for our best of 3 draft matches. This way it would stand us in good stead for round 2.

The Draft

I had a pool of players in mind in preparation for our draft. This resulted in selecting the players below. Miraculously, neither Incredible Moo or myself tried to pick the same player! I picked the players below because they are of a decent stature in the game and also would fit into my new tactical system.


Samir Handanovic was my first choice goalkeeper mainly due to my time at Inter Milan during an online save earlier in the year. Great reflexes and agility would mean he makes an excellent shot stopper. Timo Horn was my back up goalkeeper incase of injury. A different type of goalkeeper than Handanovic as Horn is more suited to playing the positional game.


Let’s start centrally I picked Alession Romagnoli, Andreas Christensen and Niklas Sule. All 3 are very good in the 3 key centre-back role. But what I also looked for and found is that they are all comfortable on the ball. Jonas Hector, Thomas Meunier and Matteo Darmian completed my players selected for our defensive positions. They all fit my “complete full back” role I look for. Defensively sound but can always provide width, crosses and nounce going forward.


In midfield, I had a last minute change of heart before the draft started for how I was going to setup my team. This directly affected what midfield players I chose. In central midfield, we have Marcelo Brozovic, Casemiro and Victor Wanyama. These 3 were selected as they are creative but not in a way that disrupts their defensive abilities. The more attacking midfielders chosen were Dele Alli, Raheem Sterling, Mohamed Salah, Dimitri Payet and Gerard Deulofeu. All very fast paced, excellent dribbling, crossing and passing attributes and will provide a solid technical base going forward.


Only 2 strikers selected in this draft team. Anthony Modeste and Kasper Dolberg. Not polar opposites from each other. However, they are different in their own way. I would see Modeste as more of a hold the ball up type of striker whereas Dolberg is a run onto through balls type.

Best out of 3

The first match started of as well as a scorpion found in your shoe (Seriously, check those shoes). Half-time saw the teams go in level at 2-2 with Incredible Moo having the better of the chances. The game was surprisingly even throughout, but Incredible Moo took his chances like a single lad on valentines day. The first match ended in a 6-2 victory for Incredible Moo.

Incredible Moo 1-0 Cookie FM (1)

The second match is where I learnt my lessons tactically. In the first match I did go a bit mental for the attack! However, I was more conservative in this one. I definitely showed in the match stats as Incredible Moo controlled the possession of the game and had the far better chances. Once again it was level at half-time at 1-1. The second-half was a really tight affair as Incredible Moo attacked, attacked and attacked again. Our counter attacking strategy was paying off a treat and much to my opponents disgust, Handanovic was having a stormer in goal. The match finished in a 2-1 victory.

Incredible Moo 1-1 Cookie FM (2)

The final match saw both managers looking into their tactical books to pull up trumps. However, it was quite a disappointing match with no real clear cut chances throughout and both goalkeepers in inspired form. The match ended as it started, 0-0.

Incredible Moo 1-1 Cookie FM (3)

Overall, I was happy with my draft selection but not some of the player’s performances. Players like Meunier, Alli and Modeste were disappointing. I will have a good hard think before selecting them again. It definitely was a very good match up and if I got Incredible Moo in round 2 of the FM Creators Cup, expect a very entertaining matchup. After our best of 3 friendly fantasy draft matches, it would seem the managers come up even against each other. I for one cannot wait for that round 2 draw!

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