You may be asking yourself why on earth would someone take on the task of managing San Marino. The answer is simple… to be the best, you must be able to handle the worst. That being said it is an almighty challenge that is about to be attempted. This save has been tried before in Football Manager 2012, only managing six seasons. I did manage to rise San Marino to 195th in the world. I will probably regret saying this but this time I intend to go all the way to the top. Yes, that’s right I intend to take San Marino Calcio to the heights of number one club in the world. In addition, to that I’ll be taking the nation of San Marino to the very dizzy heights of world number one! 


The Manager

The man for the dual-job is the one and the only Elias Gallo, born on the 10th of April 1995. Elias is a 22 year old local sammarinese and sure to be a hit with local fans. Elias has no previous experience managing in football but does hold a continental C licence. This has helped him get the two jobs simultaneously. Elias supports Napoli in Serie A. Although, on many different occasions he has stated he has no interest in managing them now or in the future. Elias Gallo has a unique philosophy on football and likes his teams to play three defender and strikerless formations.


Meetings Galore

Firstly, Elias met up with Marusia Giannini Managing Director of San Marino Calcio and spoke at length regarding the history of the club, the path it is on and where they see the club ending up. Both parties agreed that the club is heading in the right direction. Soon after the first meeting of the day, a tour of the clubs facilities. Next up for the main man was a meeting with Aurora Gatti, personal assistant to the Sammarinese FA. The SFA board start discussing plans for Elias and his team. The possibilities of qualifying for the World Cup are finished and so the board set their sights on performing to a satisfactory level in the remaining number of games.


Team Reports

Following the board meetings, Elias heads over to Comunale, Gatteo; the training ground. Assistant Manager Christian Jidayi meets elias to show him around and go over the squad reports. Elias looks through the reports at all levels (Seniors, U20’s, U18’s) with Christian and picked out his three key players and youth prospects. Elias has selected Manolo Pestrin, Luca Ceccarelli and Umberto Nappello has his key players. Young striker Giordano Bardeggia on loan from Inter Milan was highlighted as the only young player with real potential at the club. Whilst at the Comunale Elias receives a phone call from San Marino Assistant Manager Stefano Ceci. They have a comprehensive conversation about players for the San Marino national side. Stefano then emailed a national pool list over to Elias after the phone call. The manager looks through the national pool list and is immediately drawn to Filippo Berardi and Elia Benedettini.


Club and Country Staff

Elias has yet to conduct a staff meeting, however he has already looked at what is at his disposal in terms of staff members. The manager has a Director of Football, three members of the coaching staff and three members of the medical team available for first team action. In the U20’s manager Pietro Rossi has two members of the U20 coaching staff and a doctor available to him. It will be more than likely that Elias will add to his current staff members, an update on this will be available at the end of the transfer window. Unlike the club staff there are a lot of staff members in the national side setup, which Elias is unlikely to change. The main reason for this is that it will be extremely difficult to entice high quality staff members to sign for the national side at the moment. 


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