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This is the fourth post in my “local to legend” series with Christchurch FC. In part three I analysed the end of season one form as well as looking at the youth intake. If you missed that catch up here. Why not start from the beginning, part one is here. In this part, I’ll be reviewing preseason and showing you what players and staff members have joined Christchurch FC.



Player Ins

Tom Ripsher, 19-year-old left-sided full back [screenshot]. The full back looks like a promising prospect that’s for sure. His attributes indicate he’ll be a good full back for this level and above.

Ryan Bernard, 32-year-old central defender [screenshot]. A solid central defender that will provide experience and know-how at the back.

Bill Morgan, 26-year-old central defender [screenshot]. Another solid defender that will provide good cover in the case of injuries.

Jesse Waller-Lassen, 25-year-old right-sided wide midfielder [screenshot]. A midfielder I’m really excited to see perform. His attributes certainly show he can perform well at this level, will it become reality.

Danny Murphy, 31-year-old left-sided full back [screenshot]. Murphy will provide us with experience and stability at the back.

Lucas White, 18-year-old striker [screenshot]. This lad will give us youth and exuberance in the final third. His attributes look pretty decent for the role of poacher.

Player Outs

Leaving the club on free transfers are Nathan Millichamp, Manny Adeyeye and Lewis Clarke who have all joined clubs in a higher division. Meanwhile Luke Kanjor and James Shaw have been released. Lee Hendrie, Christer Warren, Jay Lovett and Simon Martin have all retired from playing football.

Staff Ins

Chris Boulter [screenshot] comes in as Director of Football. A pretty decent one at that looking at this attributes, especially for our level.

Leigh Oxby [screenshot] joins the club as Head of Youth Development. An area I consider vital to progression, so improvements always needed.

Steve Hodgson [screenshot] is welcomed to the club as our new Goalkeeping Coach. Another vital staff member to keep on improving as the club raises its profile.

Kieran Potts [screenshot] comes to the club in the shape of our new Fitness Coach. Once again a vital coaching role at any club, especially this low down on the pyramid.

Andy Cook [screenshot] joins Christchurch FC has the new Head Physio. An important role for this club as the rate of injuries is generally higher the lower down the leagues you play. This is mainly due to the number of games played.

Staff Outs

Chris Forrester, Keith Ransome, Matthew Birch, Chris Senior, Keenan Lowton and Jimmy Levett have all left the club.


The Squad

Christchurch FC have kept most of their players that played for them in the Wessex Football League Division One last season. This was done to help keep most of the team cohesion intact. I find chopping and changing squads disturbs that as you would expect. As I stated in the last part (if you haven’t seen it, go check it out) I have 6 newgens from our last youth intake in this first team squad. The three players I feel will be our key players this season are George McGee, Jesse Waller-Lassen and surprisingly newgen Conor Murphy. These players will be vital for us to reach our goal this season.


Preseason Friendlies

In preseason I organised friendlies against Plymouth Reserves, Larkhall, Bridgwater, Portsmouth and Bournemouth U23s. In these friendlies there were a nice mix of tough opposition and easy Fitness gainers. Christchurch FC only won against Larkhall 2-1. They lost to Plymouth Reserves 3-1, Portsmouth 2-0 and Bournemouth U23s 2-1. The only draw game against Bridgwater 2-2.



Wessex Football League

Promotion to this division lead me to think that the club wouldn’t be favourites to get another consecutive promotion. Oh, how wrong I was! 3-1 favourites to win the league – sound. [screenshot]

This league will certainly be tougher than the previous division. A few teams to look out for in Lymington Town, Fleet Town, Brockenhurst and Team Solent. They should provide an excellent challenge for us. As obvious as it looks, there is only one expectation – get promoted!

FA Cup

The FA Cup always throws up almost anything random in the air. It is the one competition that is endlessly unpredictable. Our form in this competition last season was just that. Reaching the Second Preliminary Round was an achievement in itself. This time around Christchurch FC play St Andrews in an away tie.

FA Vase

The FA Vase round that Christchurch FC enter into hasn’t been drawn yet. The draw is expected to take place at the end of September. However, the club are expected to reach the Fifth Round after entering in only the Second Qualifying Round. I will be hoping to beat what Christchurch FC achieved last season, which was reaching the Third Round.


Next Time on Local to Legend…

In part #5 I will be analysing and reviewing the next 6 months of football up until the end of December.

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