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This is the third post in my “local to legend” series with Christchurch FC. In part two I showed you my tactical insight, transfers and our competition form. If you missed that catch up here > Why not catch up from the beginning, part one is here > In this part, I’ll take you through the end of season review. I’ll be talking about youth intake and my plans for those players as well as our league form.


Youth Intake

Our first youth intake and it was a decent one. Some very promising young players. Some that could end up playing as high as the Southern League Division West (tier 8). My top 5 youth intake players are as follows:

Drew Barrett

This lad looks to be very promising indeed. That potential should see him reach the levels of Regional Premier Divisions. Barrett will be training in the role of inverted winger and I hope to see him in the first team very soon.

Daniel Wearing

This young lad will soon be in the first team I’m sure. His attributes are decent for a 16 year-old central midfielder. He will be training in the role of central midfielder on support.

Karl Mings

Mings has a very good set of attributes for the role of advanced forward; which he will be training on. Unfortunately for him, our current crop of strikers are above his level. Therefore he will find it difficult to break through.

Conor Murphy

Having looked at this lads attributes over and over again I cannot make up my mind whether to training him as a striker or a right-sided midfielder. I have chosen in the short-term to train him in the advanced role of trequartista. This was mainly due to his flair being at an increased level of 11.

Gary Fowler

The last of my top 5 youth intake players, Gary Fowler. Attributes-wise he is far stronger mentally and physically than technically. He will be training as a right-sided full back on defend, even though his technical defending attributes are low.


Competition Form

Wessex Football League Division One

League form has dramatically improved to the point of ‘WWWWW‘. One loss in about four months of football was something I’d never thought I’d see at this level. There were a decrease in the number of games due to Christchurch FC being out of the local and main domestic cups. There are some absolute crackers for our games of the month, but keep an eye out for the goal of the season!


January Game of the Month

Christchurch 4 – 2 Andover

[pre-match stats] [line ups]

This was picked out as game of the month for January because Andover were on a roll and I really needed the win to pressure Whitchurch United at the top of the table.

A game completely dominated by Christchurch FC’s possession of the ball and dangerous attacks. However, it was Andover that went into the lead with a freak goal. Although, it wasn’t long before McGee equalised. Andover struck again just before half-time. 2-1 to Andover at the break. The lads came out firing, two more goals from McGee sealed the emphatic win.

[full-time result]


February Game of the Month

Whitchurch United 1 – 2 Christchurch FC

[pre-match stats] [line ups]

This was picked as February game of the month due to playing Whitchurch United. They were 1st and I had led Christchurch FC to 2nd, 3 points behind them. It was the perfect chance to draw level on points with them and possibly gain the psychological advantage.

Whitchurch United dominated the possession in this game. However, they did not control the action within the game with only 2 shots on target from a total of 7. McGee put Christchurch FC ahead in the first half. The half would end that way too. Whitchurch United then equalised with 10 minutes to go through Daly, but recently signed striker Archer scored the winner 5 minutes from time to give Christchurch FC a great win and put them top of the table!

[full-time result]


March Game of the Month

Christchurch FC 7 – 4 New Milton 

[pre-match stats] [line ups]

The March game of the month was a no-brainer. A local derby, 11 goals and two hat-tricks. It was the home game against New Milton.

A local derby where possession was shared, both teams put on a goal scoring display. Half-time saw Christchurch FC lead 5-0 with a McGee hat-trick and goals from Luke and Holmes. The second-half was where it came to life. New Milton came out the blocks scoring 4 goals in the second-half. But, it wasn’t to be McGee added two more to leave the final score an astounding 7-4 win for the lads.

[full-time result]


April Game of the Month

US Portsmouth 1 – 3 Christchurch FC

[pre-match stats] [line ups]

As the season gets closer to the end, the amount of games in a month reduces. There were only two games to pick from in April and so the game was an away tie against US Portsmouth.

Another game dominated by Christchurch FC, are you seeing a theme here? McGee put on a spectacular performance. Two goals in the first half saw the away side lead 2-1 at half-time. The second-half was pretty dull in all honesty, but McGee completed his hat-trick with a 85th minute goal to win the game 3-1.

[full-time result]


May Game of the Month

Christchurch FC 3 – 1 Fawley

[pre-match stats] [line ups]

This game was picked out of two, much like April’s game of the month. It wasn’t an important fixture, but nevertheless what made it special was that there were debuts for four of our newgen players.

The second-to-last game of the season saw four of our newgens from the youth intake start the match. The game was once again dominated by Christchurch FC in all areas. The first half saw 3 goals as the home side go in at the break 2-1. Holmes and Murphy scoring for Christchurch FC and Watson grabbing a goal for Fawley. The game was nicely set up for another home win and Murphy insured the win with another goal to grab his brace. The game ended 3-1.

[full-time result]

The league campaign has finally finished. We are the Champions! I feel a Queen song coming… A staggering 23 games won out of 34 shows our strong nature in this competition. I don’t know what I was worried about. Inconsistency, blaaaah. In all seriousness, if you follow my football manager content you will know I start off okay, go on a good run of form, go on a bad streak and then pick it up at the end. That is exactly what happened.

[league table] [schedule 1] [schedule 2]


End of Season Review

Now the season has come to an end, it’s a perfect time to look back through and see what Christchurch FC did right and wrong. I’ll be talking through what awards have been won as well as taking a statistical look at the squad.


End of Season Awards

Unfortunately, being down this low on the database meant there were no specific league awards. However, I have created some awards that would normally be there and new ones. Fans player of the season, goal of the season, signing of the season, young player of the season, managers player of the season, top goal scorer, top player and team of the season.


Fans Player of the Season

George McGee was the winner of this award. It was an obvious choice. I think this won’t be the first award he’ll win at Christchurch FC.

Goal of the Season

Luke Kanjor scored our goal of the season and it was a cracker. Adeyeye’s quick throw-in met Hendrie who flicked the ball up the line to Higgs who then played it smartly through to McGee who played a great through ball to the edge of the 18 yard-box where Kanjor smashed it in the top-right corner of the goal!

Signing of the Season

George McGee; who signed for Christchurch FC on a free transfer. He was also on £0 per week wages for half the season. That has to make him signing of the season. In my opinion, no better player in tier 10 currently.

Young Player of the Season

George McGee being at the young age of 22 was definitely our young player of the season. An incredible scoring ratio at such a young age.

Managers Player of the Season

My player of the season has to be George McGee, once again. This lad has won more awards this season than Leonardo Di Caprio at the Oscars! His sensational scoring record this season as well as how many assists and how well he has played throughout are my reasons for why I’ve chosen him. Let’s hope he can keep up this scoring record next season.


Top Goal Scorer

George McGee score 29 goals, created 11 goals and claimed 7 man of the match awards in 30 games. His average rating for the season is 7.77.


Team of the Season

GK – Amadeusz Skrzyniarz, Romsey. LB – Sean Hankin,  Alton. CB – Lewis Clarke, Christchurch FC. CB – Nathan Millichamp, Christchurch FC. RB – Liam Dempsey, Christchurch FC. LM – Jack Higgs, Christchurch FC. CM – Lewis Hornby, Christchurch FC. CM – George Jones, Romsey. RM – Mark Irvine, Romsey. ST – Luke Holmes, Christchurch FC. ST – George McGee, Christchurch FC.



My Michael Owen statistical analysis of why we won the league is we scored more than the other teams! Joking aside, the team topped the goals scored chart as well as the most completed crosses chart, which surprises me. Christchurch FC also went on the longest run of games without losing, which totalled at 13 games. Just by looking at the form table for the last 5 games, you can see what teams got promoted and why.

If you look at our individual player stats, it’s clear to see why McGee won all the awards as well as why Christchurch FC won the league. McGee converted over half of his chances on goal as well as having a high percentage of passes completed. I it pleasing to see Murphy second in the list sorted by average rating. His 7.50 rating over a 5 game period is not to be snuffed at. Three goals from 2 starts and 3 sub appearances is a very good way to push yourself into the first team squad. There are a few newgens that will be starting next season in the first team squad. Barrett, Wearing, Slack and Fowler to name a few. Now, obviously they are not going to be starting every game. But, they will be used on a rotation basis. Preseason will tell us a lot more about their possible game time next season.


Next Time on Local to Legend

In part #4 I will be talking you through our second preseason and looking at what who has joined and left Christchurch FC.

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