Bonjour !!!!

Hello, guys!! It’s me, BadjokesFM back at you once again with another Blog. First things 34th I want to say thank you to everybody that has read my first blog where I introduced what this save is going to be and talked a little bit about the club I have created, East Ham FC. If you haven’t read the first blog here is the link Blog #1Thank you to everybody that has left comments or expressed that they enjoyed my first attempt at a blog. I hope to be able to entertain people through these blogs. Because of the nature of this challenge and me having to bring in 20 plus players, this may be a picture heavy blog (apologies in advance). Now let’s get into the story of how I built this squad from nothing, into hopefully a team that can survive in the league this season.

First ones in the door 

I arrived at the club on the tenth of July and immediately I was struck by the fact we had only three and a half weeks before the first game of the season at home to Whitehawk. The first thing I set up was a trial day so we could look at some free agents in action and we did make our first few signings after this game, in the shape of Lewis Probert, Kyran Wiltshire, RJ Pringling, Jamie Calvin and Kim Jae Hoon (the last two names you may recognise from the YT save).

Mid Summer Stresses

So five signings in my first four days in the club gave me confidence that we might be able to get a squad together with time to spare before the first game of the season. However, despite putting offers in for numerous players we were unsuccessful at bringing in any new players for the next nine days, leaving me worrying that we would not be able to even get a first eleven on the pitch for the opening day. So I went into panic mode making offers for anybody with two legs ( I wasn’t really bothered about number of arms to be honest). This strategy paid off as we had so many signings joining the club in short succession, that the car park of the Boleyn resembled a car boot sale down Collier Row, as a number of Vauxhall Corsa’s and Ford Fiesta’s suddenly emerged bringing wild-eyed and confused footballers to the club.

Now don’t panic I’m not going to show you the profiles for everybody as we will all be here until the end of time or untill Donald Trump develops a brain cell. Instead, I’m just going to show you the best five.

First one up is George Butler, a twenty-year-old right back, who joins us after a year without a club having been released by QPR. However, his four-star current and possibly five-star potential, means that he should be a good player for the club for the next two to three seasons at least.

Winter is not coming because Winter has come…………… to East Ham FC in the shape of Tom Winter a twenty-two-year-old striker who has spent the last four seasons playing for Leiston in the Isthmian Premier. So this is a step up for the lad but I am quite confident that he is ready and that he can help out with the goals we need to stay in this league.

Once again, we have taken on a player whose only previous experience came as a youngster at QPR. This time it’s Jordan Thompson, a twenty-year-old left back who has failed to find a club in the last couple of years but impressed our coaches whilst on trial with the club.

Wilson Carvalho is a player that my coaches rate, which is why I’ve decided to show you his profile, but I’m not too sure how many games the twenty-three-year-old will get for us, as playing in right-wing he is competing for a place with my cult hero Kim Jae Hoon. Carvalho has been bouncing between the Vanarama leagues and the Isthmian leagues for the last couple of seasons, so he will be hoping to cement a place in the side.

Robbie Sweeney is a twenty-year-old left winger who has spent a year out of the game, after not making the grade at Stevenage and whilst he does not look all that impressive, he is the best option we have on the left. So we will give him this season to impress and review his deal at the end of the season.



So now we have a squad of twenty-three players and the squad is almost complete. Thank you all for reading this, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Please leave your comments down below and I’ll be back on Wednesday with the recap of the first five games of the season. Can our mashed together squad get a few good results to start the season off strong?
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